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Image by Sean Sinclair
Vancouver Balayage.png
Leopard Skin


by Stunning Steve Juju

Balayage has become very popular because it is both beautiful and extremely low maintenance. Balayage highlights are meant to mimic how your hair lightens naturally in the sun. 


One of the main reasons why Balayage has become so popular is because there are no harsh demarcation lines as it grows out meaning your roots grow out seamlessly blended with the Balayage. Low maintenance highlights!

Balayage is not as easy to create as it looks. The most natural-looking results usually call for strategically planned placement as well as a thorough analysis of your hair's texture and movement.




Most Balayage services take between 3-5 hours. I recommend touch ups with a Half Head of Highlights every 3 months to keep your hair looking fresh and a full Balayage appointment every 6 months. If your hair is naturally dark with a blonde balayage, your appointments will need to be more frequent to ensure best results (Half Head of Highlights every 6-8 weeks and a Full Balayage every 4 months).

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